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Technical Information

Masonry Technical

Download the technical documentation about our masonry products.

Paving Technical

Download the technical documentation about our paving products.

Composition and Manufacture

Bradstone Masonry Walling is manufactured from naturally occurring aggregate, ordinary portland cement, inert colouring pigment and cast in moulds. The mould masters are developed from natural stone in order to reproduce the visual and textural characteristics of the original material. A large range of different masters are used for each block type to avoid noticeable repetition of particular profiles and textures.


Except for size tolerances, Bradstone Masonry Walling Blocks comply with the general manufacturing requirements of BS 6457:1984 (specification for reconstructed stone masonry units). All Bradstone products made at Creagh Concrete are manufactured under the following procedures:ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001, EISO 14001


The density of Bradstone Masonry Walling is in the range of 2075 to 2175 kg/m3 or 218 to 228 kg/m2 of facework (at 5% moisture content by volume).

Compressive Strength

30N/mm2 @ 28 days to BS 1881:Part 116:1983